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James was incredibly helpful to me in a very difficult time. He took the time to get to know me beyond a transactional level by demonstrating true empathy, was incredibly responsive to my questions, and was very flexible to accommodate to my busy schedule. Although I am sure he had many other cases going on, I always felt like my case was his top priority. Overall, a great experience despite the unfortunate personal situation.
-William W., San Diego, CA
Mr. Vercollone was very helpful, and understanding. Communication with him was timely, and honest. He helped me with the process and always kept me informed, answered all my questions and answered all my emails. Highly recommended!
-Cecil, San Diego, CA

I was very fortunate to be referred to James Vercollone, and pleased with the results of my Settlement. In my case, I had been married for almost 30 years.

My Ex-husband was emotionally abusive and had mismanaged our finances. I decided I needed a strong Counsel because my Ex-husband and his sister wanted me to pay large sums of money to them, from my share of the sale of our home!

If I paid what they were demanding, I would have been left without funds to begin my new life! James Vercollone was fair and prompt in returning answers to my communications through email or phone. I am thankful that my case settled out of Court.  I highly recommend James Vercollone.

Claire B., San Diego, CA

A few months back my son's mother filed for a modification of child support and child custody. I was referred to James by a friend who thought very highly of him; after hiring James I understand the high praise. James was accessible, friendly, professional, and made it a point to limit my legal fees. I am appreciative that James tried to settle the dispute with the opposing party prior to us leaving it in the hands of the judge. Unfortunately, the other party preferred to have our case heard by the judge. While James argued my case he gave facts and supported his argument by citing the law in support of those facts. I was very impressed by James knowledge of the law and his presence in the court room. I left the court room that day with a smile on my face, all thanks to James. I do and will continue to refer James to people dealing with child custody or divorce.
-Ricardo B., San Diego, CA

"Mr. Vercollone was a great find! I could not be more grateful to Mr. Vercollone for handling my divorce case as I was out of state. He can be trusted completely and will represent you well. Give him the facts and leave the law up to him. Military divorces can be very complicated and very difficult to represent. He's definitely one of the best. He listens and understands and is definitely there to represent you! Very highly recommend him!"

-Roger C., Bedford, IN

"James is an outstanding lawyer. His knowledge of Family Law and ability to convert that knowledge, through multiple complex situations, into achievable options was an invaluable asset throughout my case. Additionally, James never wasted any of my, or his time, while working on my case, however, he always maintained open lines of communication and was never out of touch without a courtesy e-mail or call to let me know. His level of detail in preparing for court is excellent and after past dealings with multiple lawyers in several states, I fully recommend him for any situations that require a Family Law expert."

- Daniel C., LT, USN, San Diego

“Choosing a family law attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions a person can make. It can determine the outcome of your entire life, especially when children are involved. I know from my own experience just how difficult this decision can be. Matters that require a person to seek family law counsel are usually filled with emotional pain and/or pressure from the other party to resolve issues the way they see fit. This is a very dangerous position to be in and one poor decision can ultimately destroy the outcome for everyone involved.

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“Mr. Vercollone, I would like to THANK YOU for all your help with my divorce (nullity). You made everything easy and smooth for me through your ongoing advice and knowledge. My divorce (and marriage) was very turbulent and I know that if I did not have you, Mr. Vercollone, it would have been a totally different outcome. Once again thank you for all your hard work and all the times where you were not only my attorney, but a close friend. I leave here my invitation for a Brazilian Barbecue. Big Thank you!”

-Andre D., San Diego

"It's often said that referrals are the best option when one is in need of a really good Divorce Attorney, especially when dealing with delicate situations that involve emotions, family & getting the soundest advice during a challenging life moment. James Vercollone was referred to me by a friend who had personal first-hand knowledge and experience with James' law partner, Richard Annis of Annis & Vercollone. Richard eventually connected me to James, who I came to find has very diverse and expert capabilities in the realm of family law. Not only was James the right man for the job but he more than exceeded my expectations. My divorce was handled with sensitivity and professionalism throughout. I knew of every risk and challenge as the process moved along.

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“We have recently become yet another statistic of the ‘Gray Divorce Revolution’ which I understand has turned out to be somewhat of an epidemic in America today. Later in life divorce proceedings have taken its toll on me and there many hoops to jump through personally, socially and emotionally. The divorce was very difficult.

Mr. Vercollone was recommended to me by a personal friend. He took charge from the beginning and remained very patient and attentive throughout our association. He recognized the consequences of going our separate ways and the difficulties that arose with my now ex-spouse. I was always confident Mr. Vercollone would represent me in a professional manner and provide the best possible information and advice. I have always recommended him to friends will continue to do so without hesitation.”

- Pamela H., San Diego

"Making the life changing decision to file for divorce is a hard one. It is unknown territory for someone, who when they got married, never saw this possibility in the future. When I made the choice to file for divorce I was sad, scared, confused and anxious. I had no idea what the process was going to be like. I had only heard stories from friends that it takes forever and that they didn't really know what was happening, that they just signed tons of paperwork and eventually they were divorced. 

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 "I was so grateful to have been referred to James to represent me during a contentious divorce.  I appreciated many things about James' representation.   James has an excellent balance of years of experience within the local courts and judges (hugely valuable), the intracacies of family law, and the ability to lead clients through the process amicably when possible and favorable, yet also stand firm for them in the midst of conflict.

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"James was excellent in achieving the results I was seeking, He knew exactly what needed to be done and executed the process timely. After 17 years of paying spousal support, I now have a greatly reduced amount that will go to ZERO at the end 2015. James did not handle my original divorce, although I truly wish he had. I would recommend James to everyone!"

-Bill W., Big Bear Lake

"I felt very comfortable with James at our first meeting. My first impression was that I could trust him completely to handle my case. He proved to be very knowledgeable regarding the financial aspects of my divorce. He gave me regular updates on the progress of my case. If I called or emailed him with questions, he was quick to respond.

I would definitely recommend James to anyone I know and I trust that he would handle their case as effectively as he handled mine."

-Monique J., San Diego

*Under California Rule of Professional Conduct Section 1-400, these testimonials do note constitute a warranty, guarantee or any express or implied outcome of any individual case. First names and initials are used for client privacy and these testimonials were provided by former clients of the firm. The original of each testimonial is on file at the law offices of Annis & Vercollone.